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  • Suwannee

    The Suwannee, named for the Suwannee River in Florida, is generally regarded as post-Clovis, Middle Paleoindian in age. It is Lanceolate in outline and only very rarely fluted. Here is the description from the Lithics Casting Lab:
    The illustrated example is a river stained example from the Suwannee River. Mostly a Florida type, it does range north into Georgia and South Carolina. This is a non-wasted form of the Suwannee point.

    Here is a good revision of Bullen's Florida typology guide:
    From which we see there are three morphologies for Suwannee. Waisted and not waisted, and eared.
      Two fine examples from the collection of member ftperry. Photos by ftperry.
    Ex-Jim Tatum, Hillsborough Co., Fl., Hillsborough River Basin Chert:

      Putnam Co., Fl., Ocala Formation Chert:

    Rhode Island