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  • tomclark
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    Not sure..... true arrowheads in FL, The Triangle... were used after 600 AD... so there was a half century at least when both triangles and Duvals were in use.. I find them both on same sites but they are not always contemporary. A lot of Duvals are tools and knives.

  • Ron Kelley
    Hey Tom, Those are some real nice points. Dart points or are they too big for that?

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  • tomclark
    started a topic Duval Type - Florida

    Duval Type - Florida

    Duval: Mississippian
    (Post-Archaic Regional; Deptford/Weeden Island/St. Johns)

    200 CE to 1250 CE

    3 subtypes per some references (Bullen) The three pictured do not necessarily show the 3 types. Usually not very well made. Highly variable bases. Of the three pictured here the first two are made from patinated Baybottom Chert.
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