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  • Bascom

    Here is some material from a Bascom manufacturing site. The blade was named by Roshto 1983 and I assume it was Dr. Roshto who collected in Burke and Screven Counties, Ga. My blades are thin and started off out of raw coastal plain chert and may have been heat treated before finial finishing.

    Some of the blades broke while being made. The large piece (top left below) is 4 3/8" that is broke off of a base.

    Back side of top photos showing some that has been used and bottom right piece broke while being made and glued back together. A lot of the time if a blade was broke it was discarded and another started, several of these here have both pieces found and glued back.

    Personal finds and information provided by wiljo
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    Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan