Halifax Side Notch
Summary Description
Slender blade with restricted base, narrow side-notches.
Blade is usually long and narrow. Blades are slightly convex except for the resharpened points where they are either straight or concave.
Size: Length = 29 mm - 56 mm (average 44mm), Width = 17 m - 25 mm (average 20 mm).
Mainly, north and east of the lower Roanoke River in North Carolina.
Relatively common in eastern Virginia and North Carolina.
Middle to late Archaic.
ca 3500 BCE
A radio carbon date of 5,440 BP + or - 300 was acquired at the Gaston site in NC.
Major: Vein quartz
Minor: Argillite or quartzite
Technique of Manufacture
Blade is pressure flaked and worked as a thick blade from a core or thick spalls from quartz or quartzite boulders.
Coe described this type in a 1959 paper. He considered these ancestral to the Lamoka type points found in the north east.
Coe Foundation

Personal find (Virginia) and photos by Kennethhill8

photo and example provided by Hoss