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Bare Island / Merrimack

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  • Bare Island / Merrimack

    Bare Island points(called Merrimack points in New England), are narrow points with a triangular blade. Shoulders are usually well defined with parallel sides. The base can be straight or slightly convex, never concave. In New England, these points are regarded as the last of the Neville Complex points(Neville-Neville Variant-Stark-Merrimack) and they appeared near the end of the Middle Archaic Period, or about 6,000 years ago, and extending into the Late Archaic.
    Here is Wm. Ritchie's description of Bare Island from his New York typology guide:
    Description from Maryland typology guide:
    Description from lithics-net:
    The examples shown here are all from coastal sites in Rhode Island.
    New England argillite on left, quartz on right:

      From left to right, quartzite, argillite, and quartz:
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