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  • Neville

    Neville points first appear in the Middle Archaic Period. They come in both narrow and broad form. The earliest forms display slight bifurcations on the stem and may also be serrated. These early forms resemble Stanly points from further south in the Mid Atlantic. The stems on Nevilles can taper or be nearly square in shape.

    Again, narrow bifurcated forms closely resemble Stanly Narrow blade from further south and are likely related in time and derivation:

    Probable early forms of Neville points, showing slight bifurcations. Left to right, quartzite, quartzite, and an unusual rhyolite example with an apparent specialized hafting element. All from RI

    Unknown felsite, bifurcated stem:

    Nevilles not displaying bifurcations. A few are serrated. All from RI:

    A very large example made of rhyolite and a tiny quartzite example. RI:

    A Neville from Maine, collection of, and photo by, member mainejman:
    Click image for larger version

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