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Brewerton Eared Triangle

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  • Brewerton Eared Triangle

    This is a Late Archaic point style and part of Ritchie's Laurentian series of points. It differs from Brewerton Eared Notched in that the notches are less pronounced, and sometimes not present at all. The base displays delicate ears, and single eared forms are common. The blade shape can be either lanceolate or triangular. Here is Ritchie's description in his New York typology:

    Classic triangular blade form, Ma.:
    Click image for larger version

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    Classic narrow triangular blade, RI. Barely discernible ears are common on the type:

    Waterworn, 3 argillite, 1 quartzite. Coastal New England.

    Different blade shapes. Two triangular forms display single ears:

    Single eared variants:

    Brewerton Eared Triangles? These forms may be an early form and not Brewerton Eared Triangles at all, or perhaps they are knife forms of the type. Specimens from RI and lower right from Plymouth Co., Ma.

    And another of these from Dighton, Ma.
    Rhode Island

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    The ears on Brewerton Eared Triangles were created in two ways. One is by the presence of very shallow side notches, which creates the ears. This type is seen in classic form in the first example on this page. The second manner in which ears were created was by continuous retouch of the blade edges, which resulted in tiny ears right at the base. Here is a classic example of ears created by blade retouch, rather then by side notches.
    Rhode Island