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Beekman Triangle

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  • Beekman Triangle

    Beekman triangles are a Late Archaic style that are mostly equilateral triangles. A few can be small isosceles triangles. Edges can be convex or straight. The base is almost always straight or very shallow concave. They are usually ground on the base. The type was first described by Robert Funk. Here is Ritchie's description:
    From that description, the following is of note:
    "It seems to overlap in morphology and in temporal and cultural provenience with the Squibnocket Triangle of Martha's Vineyard (Ritchie, 1969)." This was first noted by Funk. They can be tough to distinguish from some Squibnocket Triangles, but the Squibnockets will have more deeply concave bases, and Squibnockets do not have basal grinding.
    Three quartz examples from coastal Rhode Island:

    Rhode Island