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Clovis in the Northeast/New England

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  • Clovis in the Northeast/New England

    Clovis in the Northeast/New England

    Clovis points are Early Pale Lanceolate points distinguished by the presence of a flute or fluting channel on one, usually both, faces of the blade. Before the discovery and acknowledgement of Pre-Clovis sites in North America, Clovis points were believed to be the oldest projectile points in the Western Hemisphere. That is no longer the case. The origin of Clovis technology is a subject of considerable debate still, and the answer to that question is by no means clear at this time.
    Here is the type sequence for fluted points in the Northeast/New England region. Gainey(King's Road-Whipple)fluted points are believed to be the earliest Clovis variant in the New England states:

    In the chart above, Machaud-Neponset is a New England variant of the Barnes point. Vail-Debert points are noted for the deeply concave base, deeper then most fluted point forms.
    Ritchie's description in his typology is a bit dated, but there is a good plate of fluted points from various sites in New York:
    Here is a fluted point resharpened to exhaustion and found in southwestern Ct. by Hoss(Matt Dorso). It is made from Munsungan Chert from far northern Maine. In general, most New England fluted points are made from material sourced at a distance. Paleo hunters were in New England on a seasonal basis, hunting caribou. Dr. Richard "Mike" Gramly, who has excavated several Northeastern fluted point sites, believes the fluted point tradition persisted longer in the New England/NE Canada region because the caribou herds persisted longer there, and fluted points were the weapon of choice for caribou hunting.

    * A fluted point from the North River drainage of Plymouth Co., Ma. Normanskill Chert.

    The largest fluted point known from New England, excavated by Dr. Richard "Mike" Gramly and the American Society for American Archaeology volunteers in Sept., 2013 at the Sugarloaf Paleo site in Deerfield, Ma.:

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    A Vermont fluted point found to be made of Ramah Chert from the northern tip Labrador. From Lithics Casting Lab:
    A page from the National Park Service's Early Americans Theme Study showing various fluted point forms in the Northeast:
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