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  • Marymount

    a small point found along the Southern California Coast area in Los Angeles, Orange -and- Ventura counties and the surrounding areas.. the Marymount is a corner notch type point , sharing  features with Rose Springs Corner notch points, yet is not a mere variation of the type. many Marymounts feature straight stemmed and contracting stems.
    The interesting thing about Marymountsis that 99% of them are made from Fused Shale , also known as "Oak Ridge Glass". Fused Shale is found in a few locations in Southern California, but it is the Grimes Canyon source in Los Angeles county that provides nearly all the Fused Shale Marymounts are flaked from. a very small percentage of Marymounts are made from Coso Mountain Obsidian, which is located 140 northwest of the Los Angeles area, thus proving a solid trade network existed at the time. a small number of Marymounts are made from Monterey Chert
    Marymounts are dated from 1700 to 900 years years ago. and thus are slightly older then Malaga Cove points.
    the Overstreet Guide erroneously calls Marymounts  "Malaga Cove Corner Notch" points...

    a Marymount made from light gray Fused Shale

    a rare Marymount, it's flaked from Monterey Chert. this point is barely 1/2 inch in length.

    two more, both made from Fused Shale, the stone bead is of Steatite.
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