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    Indian Lands and Federal Indian Reservations

    The National NAGPRA website provides a map showing the location of Federal Indian Reservations in the continental United States from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) here:

    A map of judicially established Indian lands (as of 1978) based on information provided by the Indian Claims Commission is also available here:

    You can download these maps as pdf files with high enough resolution that you can zoom in to particular areas. If you want printed versions with high enough resolution to be useful then you need to take the files to your local printshop and have them printed full-size.

    County designations were not included on the original BIA map and - despite checking - mapping and database errors may result from inclusion of counties which touch Indian reservation boundaries. Reservation names have been adjusted to conform to current usage in the Native American Consultation Database, but not on the reservation map index. Hence, users are also urged to search the Native American Consultation Database for information relating to geographic data here:

    The Schedule of Indian Land Cessions compiled by Charles C. Royce can be downloaded as Microsoft Word tables (not maps), listed by state, here:

    The 67 related maps (listed by state/territory) can be viewed here:

    You can zoom in on the maps and save the view as a small jpg image but you can’t download any of the maps in their entirety.

    Other Federal Lands

    The National Atlas website provides maps showing Federal Lands of various kinds (and Indian Reservations) overlaid on top of State boundaries, selected streams and waterbodies, and major cities for easy reference (all listed by state) here:

    The maps cover lands owned by:

    - Department of Agriculture Forest Service
    - Department of Defense
    - Department of the Interior (including Indian Lands, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish and WildLife Service, National Park Service)

    The maps are available as downloadable pdf files but – again – if you want full-size printed versions you will need to take the files to your local printshop. To download, right-click on “Print PDF Map” and select “Save target as…”

    In addition, there is a map showing Federal Lands and Indian Reservations for the entire United States titled “All Federal and Indian Lands”.

    Military Installations, Ranges -and- Training Areas

    Geographic information for major installations, ranges, and training areas in the United States and its territories is available here, as a downloadable zip file:
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