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  • Don Miller - Living History Book

    Chasing History: Don Miller- Ignitor of the 1st Atom Bomb & Relic Collector
    An interview with Don Miller by Chase Pipes
    There are few people whose life is history. Don Miller is one of those few. A man who has promoted collecting and the sharing of history and knowledge his entire life. His experiences from childhood through his work on the Manhattan Project -and- his world travels makes Don, at 91 years young, a living history book!.. We support Don in every way.. and hope you will as well.
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    Quite a timely post! Hope they do get a chance to talk to him again.
    A shame what's going on at Don's home whether he called them or not. To have that many folks tromping through your home and to set up camp as they have with no regard for his property, his home and least of all his personal freedom, which has had to have been affected by this is unpardonable. Sometimes this country just doesn't seem to do the right thing and if they do, can't seem to do it properly.
    A 91 year old man who has collected artifacts nearly his whole life....or.....
    Wall Street
    Bankers who launder drug dealers money
    120 plus years of the internal combustion engine (can anybody say oil industry interests)
    Haliburton, to name one of many
    Businesses are people too!?!
    And I'm just getting started!
    Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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      Some breaking news of interest in the story about the seizure of artifacts from Don Miller
      TN formerly CT Visit our store