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Flint Knapping for Beginners

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  • Flint Knapping for Beginners

    Flintknapping for Beginners

    The poster “paleomanjim” has provided YouTube videos of his work “Flintknapping – Beginners” in seven parts at the links below. The series is also available for purchase on DVD at this link:

    Flintknapping - Beginners Part 1:
    Explains what flintknapping is and how it got started.

    Flintknapping - Beginners Part 2:
    Shows how to make a modern copper bopper billet to use for percussion flaking.

    Flintknapping - Beginners Part 3:
    Discusses flintknapping safety as well as common flintknapping terms, followed by demonstrations showing the various types of flintknapping.

    Flintknapping - Beginners Part 4:
    Shows how to remove the bottom of a beer bottle and knap an arrowhead from it.

    Flintknapping - Beginners Part 5:
    Discusses fracture mechanics, with useful information for understanding how to control the flintknapping process. Shows Hertzian and Bending type flake initiations, platform edge angles and relation of edge to centerplane.

    Flintknapping - Beginners Part 6:
    Shows the 6 stages a rock goes through from raw stone to finished blade. The different types of flake terminations are then shown and demonstrated, including feather, step, hinge and overshot. A large overshot flake is demonstrated to show Paleo thinning strategies.

    Flintknapping - Beginners Part 7:
    This segment completes the beginners series. Shows how to make continuous and isolated platforms and the need to have flakes follow ridges. Short demonstration of what happens when flakes are removed from flat surfaces. Briefly disucsses both heat treatment and water treatment to improve the workability of chert.
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