Native American Sites - What to Look For

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An Introduction to Pre-Historic Native American Site Identification

Chasing History: Archaeologist David Dean and Identifying Pre-Historic Native American Sites
Chase Pipes and David Dean explore some Native American sites on Boone Lake, TN. They show and explain what to look for to know that you are on a site. All filming was done on private property.

This is a very informative video in my opinion. Please have a look.

Posted by [JoshinMO]:
Hoss, appreciate you sharing chase's video. Its a good one!

Posted by [rmartin]:
Well done Guys!

Posted by [Jeffery Howle]:
Great Job.....

Posted by [lukecreekwalker]:
Thanks Hoss. This video is awesome

Posted by [Hoss ]:
I think this is one of his best videos so far. The thing that impresses me is the only thing pre arraigned is the meeting and agreeing on a video shoot all the rest is off the cuff. He does a good job interviewing. You can tell by some of his gestures and sound effects that History really excites him too.

Posted by [lukecreekwalker]:
Yea I share his enthuisasm for the subject for sure. This video has inspired me to take a notebook and trace an outline of my points and list the type, material, approx. age, gps coordinates, and date found. Figured I would do something while its still so cold outside. I have known about all the things he covered before but I guess I never really put it into context until you visually see it in the video.