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    Gregory Perino Certificates - Beware of Fakes

    Gregory Perino was a renowned archaeologist, collector and a founder of the Illinois State Archaeological Society but sadly passed away in 2005. He first began producing informal authentication certificates for artifacts in the 1980’s and soon became convinced of the need for a commercial authentication service from an expert with respected credentials. Within a few years, the first fakes of his certificates began to appear, albeit they were crude forgeries.

    Our own Cliff Jackson was prominent in bringing this to the attention of collectors via an article on the AACA website here:

    Pat Dunnegan -and- Jim Bennett illustrated an example on the AACA website here:

    More recently, the fakes have become very sophisticated and there’s a useful article with illustrations by Alexander Przygoda on the Artifact Company website that gives some good pointers on how to tell the difference between genuine and fraudulent Perino certificates:
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