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Knapping Flaking, Pecking, Grinding & Drilling

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  • Knapping Flaking, Pecking, Grinding -and- Drilling

    Lithic Artifacts, Technology -and- Materials
    Look to the ground for it holds the past!

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    Pecking is how they "Formed" the rock into the tool they where making.. be it a celt, axe or plummet. Using a small golf ball to baseball sized hammerstone they would repeatably hit the rock they where working on until it was to the shape of there liking. Examples of pecking marks. The first one is only the poll end of a broken celt but the pecking is evident.


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      Great examples TT check out this Gouge it has three out of four. flaking, pecking and grinding. This gouge was broken and attempts were made to salvage it. Personal find from North Western CT  Multi component site.

      In the last picture there is flaking and pecking the second picture shows a nice sharp bit.
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