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Munsungun Chert (N. Maine)

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  • Munsungun Chert (N. Maine)

    Munsungun chert, Munsungun Lake Formation (N. Maine)

    Sites include:Adkins, Bull Brook, Dam, Hedden, Lamareau, Michaud, Morss, Munsungun Lake (three sites), Neponset, Plenge, Point Sebago, Searsmont, Spiller Farm, Vail, Vail Kill, Wheeler Dam and Whipple.
    Structureless grayish red, dusky red, blackish red, or dark reddish brown; 2 laminated grayish red, dusky red, blackish red, or dark reddish brown chert with varve-like laminations; 3 mottled or color laminated red and dark grey, or mottled red and greenish grey chert; 3 color laminated and burrow mottled chert; 5 greyish to blackish laminated chert; 6 dark grey to black, structureless or weakly and thinly laminated; 7 olive grey to olive black laminated chert which is locally pyrite-rich. Munsungun cherts tend to weather to a very light tan, very light grey or greyish white.

    A fair cross section of the more common cherts found in the munsungan lake area of northeast piscatiquis county maine:
    photos courtesy of will dawes

    photo courtesy of Hoss
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