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Tecovas jasper/chert, Texas

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  • Tecovas jasper/chert, Texas

    Originates in the Texas panhandle, primarily Briscoe county. Often hard to discern from Alibates. The jasper is usually visually distinguishable from Alibates, but some pieces may look quite similar to it. In general, Tecovas jasper is a fine-microcrystalline material similar to Alibates in texture and color. It is distinguishable by its often variegated or mottled appearance, with some exceptions. Most pieces are red, brown, cream, white, yellow, or green in colors. It is opaque, often with bluish white quartz vugs. It occurs in massive boulders as much as a meter in diameter that also contain tiny quartz filled vugs (Tunnell2006). Both Alibates and Tecovas jasper come in red, but the latter has a more even red, and is generally mottled or variegated often with tiny quartz vugs

    photo and samples above courtesy of Rio del Norte

    photo and sample courtesy of wbrasseux

    Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan