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    Tipi Rings
    Introduction inserted by [painshill]

    A tipi (also tepee and tepee) is a conical tent, traditionally made from animal skins on a framework of wooden poles and capable of being disassembled and packed up quickly for relocation elsewhere. It’s distinguished from other conical tents by having smoke flaps at the top and is unique to the people of the Great Plains in North America and the Canadian Prairies.

    Tipi rings are circular patterns of stones used to hold down the animal skins but left behind at an encampment of Post-Archaic, protohistoric or historic Native Americans. In some cases, the structures are more elaborate and represent the remains of a wall or defensive structure. They are found primarily throughout the Plains of the United States and Canada, and also in the foothills and parks of the Rocky Mountains.

    The Wiki entry is here, detailing various sites where such rings have been reported:

    I didn't find these rings by my own, but was told where to find them on top of a tall butte in western South Dakota. Some are fairly easy to see, others a little harder. They've been there a long time. Look hard and you will see them. There is also a view from the top, where these are.

    Photos and information provided by SDHunter
    Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan