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Blackwater Draw (New Mexico)

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  • Blackwater Draw (New Mexico)

    Link provided by member [gregszybala]

    Here’s a link to the “Blackwater Locality #1” website of the Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU):

    Blackwater Locality #1 is a National Historic Landmark located on the Southern High Plains of New Mexico and owned as a research arm of ENMU. The site , also known as Blackwater Draw or the Clovis site, was first identified by Ridgely Whiteman of Clovis, New Mexico in 1929 and confirmed by E.B. Howard and John Cotter in the 1930s.

    Around 13,500 years ago, pioneering groups of hunter-gatherers encountered an oasis at Blackwater Draw – a spring-fed pond frequented by herds of mammoth, bison, and other Pleistocene fauna. The site became a recurring hunting ground and camp area for these people. Beginning in 1932, archaeologists and local volunteers discovered their tools along with a number of mammoth skeletons, and identified the Clovis culture. Further investigations over the past 70 years have identified more Clovis evidence, along with remains of Folsom and later Paleoindian and Archaic cultures that continued to frequent the site for thousands of years.

    There are gallery collections of artefacts found at the site:


    Unifacial tools (mostly scrapers):

    Late Paleoindian artefacts:

    The website is essentially a blog and – in addition to news of the ongoing research at the site – covers a wide range of archaeology related subjects and topics as wide-ranging as faunal diversity, giant ground sloth burrows in Brazil and material culture of the Missouri River.

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