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  • Pottery Pendant - FL

    Unique pottery sherd pendant, probably Safety Harbor period, PinCo, FL
    Professor Shellman

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    Hi Tom. That is the first pendant made from clay that I ever saw. I wonder how it was made. Whether it was cast in some kind of mold and then fired or handmade and then fired. Were the incisions and the hole made after it was fired or before? Is the under side decorated or is it plain? I should have looked more closely at all the potsherds I saw back when I was an active collector. Broken ceramics were so common at some of my old sites that I soon quit bending over to pick them up. Had I known that there could have been a little "jewel" like the pendant (jewelry) you found I would have been much more careful. Thank for showing us this special find.


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      SJ it's made from a sherd that was already decorated with Safety Harbor/Weeden Island designs. The back side is plain. Sides, top and bottom have been smoothed and shaped. The hole is a little drilled through the design could have also been done to repair a pot or to put cordage through before being broken.... have lots of drilled pottery sherds and all of them are along the upper part toward the rim for handling or along a crack (both sides) for repair.
      Professor Shellman


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        Thank you for providing the detailed comment on how it was made.