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    Yes but another snafu the link back to the accompanying work with actual descriptions I assume is broken. I will keep digging because some of you Colorado lithic material may be in that page.
    OK here is a link to that one too but it seems they are just naming the cherts jaspers and chalcedony by colors and not given an actual source name. At the very least you might be able to match up some of your lithic scrapers with some of the pictured lithics and know it sources closer to South East Utah and South West Co.
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      [QUOTE]painshill wrote:

      [quote=gregszybala post=155947]
      Originally posted by Hoss post=155912
      I found the link for the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology  in Indiana
      But it does no good, that page won't link to anything else.
      Yep… none of the onward links from here are working (they all give “not found” or “restricted access” messages):
      Links from here work:
      Although this is referred to as the “Chert Drawers” section, it provides pictures of a wide variety of lithic material specimens other than cherts. The repository is divided into:
      In-State Lithic Drawers (ie specimens from Iowa)
      In-State Micro Lithic Drawers (Iowa specimens shown in detailed close-up)
      Out-State Lithic Drawers (ie specimens from states other than Iowa)
      Within each of the above sections, the specimens are grouped by geological time period. Generally, it is difficult to navigate around the collection and impossible to have “see-at-a-glance” view of an entire group… but there are lots of great pictures to assist in identification and origin.
      There was no reply to my question on the Laboratory’s Facebook page, so I will update the Information Centre accordingly and remove the dead links.

      In response to my enquiry, I received this reply from April Sievert on behalf of the University of Indiana’s Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology on 19th March 2015:
      “The Lithic Raw Material Database was unlinked after a security issue with Drupal [the software package they use]. We are working to get that up and running again, but it may take a while. In the meantime feel free to contact us with questions and we can consult the database and provide you with images if you need them.”
      There is an email address bottom right of this page:
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        Way to go Roger. I've sent them at least a half a dozen emails and never gotten a response. So much information there and none of it accessible via the net. Kind of surprising in this day and age.
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