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question about new creek hunting spot

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  • question about new creek hunting spot

    hey guys i have a pretty new cool place to creek hunt. i went there today just to look at it but didnt hunt since i had to get back to work. it leads out into the illinois river and it has really big steep banks that are exposed a lot. also it has bluffs on each side of it and a pretty hilly place also. was wondering if this is a good place to check out. also was wondering if the exposed parts of the creek are a good spot to check out also. any input would be awesome. thanks again

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    Jake, there is only one true way of finding out, and that is walk it!
    Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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      haha yeah very true. will post pics if i find anything!


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        Yep, I'm with Chase! Walk any and all areas that might have potential.
        Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan