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Oregon hunters any?

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  • Oregon hunters any?

    Looking to see if anyone on here is in 0regon.
    And if so do any of you do hunting around the Eugene area.
    If anyone on here has any info. about Oregon arrowheads and what is at here mostly easter oregon and if there are any around the valley close to eugene, anything would help me because I'm just getting started thanks. and Yes I'm HOOKED! :silly:
    open to P.M.'s  Thank you

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    try out Crescent Lake Resort area have found many arrowheads and tools.all flnds were on surface good luck


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      Hey Ryan - Welcome to  We all got the fever!  Happy hunting and don't forget to share your finds with us.  We'll be await'n.  ---Chuck
      Pickett/Fentress County, Tn - Any day on this side of the grass is a good day. -Chuck-


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        Thanks you guys.
        I was thinking of trying Fern Ridge lake but I don't know if there are any points out there or if it was a man made lake or not?
        I was also think of trying some fields along the willamette river do you guys think either one of these spots might have a point or two? :unsure:


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          I used to visit Oregon three or four times a year. I hunted mostly in the Klamath Valley area around the lake and streams. Best time to hunt the lakes were when they were down.