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where to go for my first hunt EVER!?

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  • where to go for my first hunt EVER!?

    hey everyone! im down in peterborough ontario up in canada. I am very interested in history of the area, I know the natives lived around the rice lake area and was hoping to hunt there... if you look on maps you will also see the historic site of serpent mounds ( their garbage piles) I was really hoping to get some help from one of you wonderful experienced point collectors, I was wondering if one of you could take a look at the map of the lake and tell me where I should start!
    All help to the beginer is very very much apreciated!
    thanks so much,

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    Beau, not sure of what the laws are in Canada, so I will leave the to you or others to find out. Looking at Rice lake, is this a natural lake? if it is then two locations I would check out. the Otoabee river on the east side there are some fields where the river meets the lake, also the shoreline. The other place would be further east, west of Hastings there is a creek where it meets the lake, Those would be the first two areas that I would check out.
    Good luck!
    Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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      thank you sooo much chase I will check into those places for sure! appreciate the time and effort you have given me!
      thank you!


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        yes this is a natural lake... I know the natives were there and grew rice there as well (no rice left anymore) hopfuly I can find my own evedence!