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    As I wait for the snow to melt I have been picking new spots to hunt; thought I would share how I do it.
    Just spied this spot yesterday. I use bing maps satellite view (distance legend at 50 meters) and look at fields that are next to a major creek or river. I'm looking for any discoloration in the field that indicates an elevation change. High spots typically appear dry; as below

    Then I zoom in more and, at least in my area, the satellite imaging was taken when the river was at flood stage; I want the high spot not to be flooded (no one likes water in their home )

    You can also use Google Earth and view topography in 3D if no satellite shot was taken during flood stage.

    Now the tricky part, Tennessee has a website where you can look up ownership by selecting parcels
    After knowing the land owner I make a phone call or go to meet them face to face (which is better) and ask. Sometimes you get a yes, sometimes a no but you must try.
    I got permission on the ridge in the photos above and our snow will be gone next week; Ill let you know if anything is there!

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    What a great use of modern technology!  Although my active hunting days are over, I'm sure lots of the folks here will appreciate the tip. Probably not too productive if the photo was taken when the field was full of corn that is 8 feet tall but when the photos are made during  a time when the fields are  fallow then that should work for lots of areas. As an addition to your tip:  the satellite photos (google earth, etc.) are updated from time to time so if you have an area that you think may be productive and visit the website and look at that particular field and it is full of corn or cotton or wheat, then go back to the website from time to time and you may find a pic that was taken when the field is fallow. As an aside, I've often wondered what is the schedule for updating photos. It is probably different from rural areas that are not changing much as opposed to rapidly growing urban areas. :dunno:


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      Sailorjoe,  If you download Google Earth there is an icon on the top tool bar that is a clock with a green arrow; this allows you to browse through all the images from your area that are saved.  In most spots I can go back to imaging from 1997 and about every 3 years till present.  One of the best sites I found last year was a woodlot that was bulldozed down sometime between 2009 and 2012. It is in crop now but I know from the imaging that no one has been picking it clean for a long time!


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        Thanks much for the added information. I did not know that they archived the previous images. I will check that out. Who knows. One of these days that knowledge may be handy.


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          My google earth account looks like a thumb tack box. :laugh:


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            Yes Obion I agree with flood plan, I live 7 to 8 miles across arkansas river from the Spiro mounds. I duck hunted and fished that part of river and any time I found a caving bank or plowed field I was on it. Never found anything! I started looking at satelite pictures and realized the river had cut channels all back and forth all over the place before it was damed. I realized they had to live on the higher ground, even though it was 1/2 to a mile from the current river channel. I saw where a gas well had recently been drilled on the high ground and explored it. I found several chips and part of a small piece of broken effigy. It was in a small pile, a gift from another hunter but I  learned something.   
            Just a little local info on Spiro mound and I'll shut up. I moved here in 86 and ask my Boss about the Spiro Mounds, He said he didn't known what the big deal was they had been riding their Motorcycles over the mounds for years and said they had brought dirt in to rebuild the mounds. He also told me there was even a larger mound in fort Smith and nobody made a big deal over it. I went to the site sure enough there it was in a wooded lot  next to a trailer  park, The part I could see had several holes dug into It.


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              Bump for AJB


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                Nice thread.  Thanks for sharing
                South Dakota