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    Hey folks, brand new to this site and hobby but very glad to have arrived at both! I am in Middle TN first and foremost. My uncle owns a great piece of property that is basically all hill/ridge. The closest creek is a couple miles away and there is one small spring somewhere on the property apparently. The thing that has peaked my interest is that there is an acre flat spot on the east side of the ridge. It has an ephemeral stream/ditch that fills up when it rains and runs down to the flat spot. The flat spot needs to be bush hogged and is grown up so there is no way to spot flakes or any signs. It is also very rocky terrain and would be hard to turn over/garden even if you wanted to. How would you guys approach this? Have any of you have any luck in spots so far from a good water source? The other thing that peaks my interest is that it is private property and i have full access to it!! Any help or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    If the flat spot is in any kind of a flood zone, I would not bother. High ground above flood stage is best. However, I'm a surface hunter, not a digger. So mine is not the voice of experience.

    Glad you found us and welcome to the forum. Hopefully others can offer more then I.
    Rhode Island


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      If legal,, dig and sift. Welcome to the site!

      Would check near that spring for sure.


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        Maybe clean it up and look for flakes. Most of the time it's waterthey related to. Welcome from east Tx.
        east Tx.