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    Went to check out a new field. The field is not rocky at all, in fact its pretty much a field of silt. After looking around for quite a while, there wasn't a flake in sight. There was one archaic looking mid section near the water, and one broken base at the edge of the field farthest from the water.

    So what's the deal here? Just a spot where they would hunt? No type of occupation? Should I expect to find a lot of points here? Not sure if this is even a question that can be answered but I figured I'd try.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Always worth two to three walks depending on conditions. Wait for a good rain or wind, the farmer to turn it, whatever that will make the conditions change. Sometimes just a random find, sometimes the stuff just isn't exposed, sometimes you get a better feel for where they are hiding.
    Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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      You said it was mostly silted over, no rocks or anything. You may be hunting a place that has been flooded maybe hundreds of times, and the flood waters left so much silt deposit, that if artifacts are there, they are deeper then the plow zone. This happens to a lot of fields close to streams or rivers, where there were sites, but are completely buried from flood sediments.


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        Yep, wait a little while to return. Sounds like it will not be one of you're best field though. I checked out a couple fields for a decade and barely found a flake but one year it all changed, stuff starting showing up in several areas where you could tell they knapped and hard telling what else. Ended up finding a couple nice points and many brokes. These fields i am talking about are no till fields even. You never know until you keep trying now and then.