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arrowhead and other artifact hunting

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  • arrowhead and other artifact hunting

    first thing is always keep your eyes to the ground, second pick up everything that you walk across. just kidding and" not" at the same time. one of my friends was trying hard to find arrowheads but was not finding much if anything. he asked me what he was doing wrong? he said i'm looking in the same creeks you are and i only find junk. so one day we went down to the river to a big gravel bar, we walked around for a hour or so over some stuff that had tracks from what looked like 3 different folks. after some time he wanted to move on down to the next gravel bar i told him to go on i was staying there. he kept looking down stream and i could tell he was ready to give up. about that time i saw a red tip peaking out between two chunks of clay, i called him over and told him i had a point poking out and wanted him to find it, he stood there for almost 30 minutes and finely said oh i see it, dang thats a nice one. i told him to pick it up, he started freaking out telling me it was the best point he had ever seen. i thought dang it didnt look that good. when i walked back over he was holding a benton that was at least 4 inches long and was a killer. he handed it to me and said i can only hope i find one like that some day. talk about a sick/happy feeling when i handed that killer point back to him and pointed to the ground to the red brick by his foot. there laying beside it was the tip of a tiny sick looking little flint creek point. he looked at me and said dang you found another one just like that and i said yep and grabbed that killer right out of his hand.

    0at the same time.

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    Sure would like to see them
    As for me and my house , we will serve the lord

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      just trying to make a point here, i didn't see the nice benton i only saw the little flintcreek. by my buddy slowing down and looking for a tiny tip instead of a arrowhead he started seeing things. finding points laying on top is kind of easy if they are a different color than the stuff they lay on, what a person has to look for is flaking, shape, color thats not native to the surrounding rocks or clay. and go slow if not just standing still, if i'm looking by myself most of the time i will "walk" a gravel bar for awhile then get on my hands and knees and crawl looking at each stone, in between the layers of stone, down in the cracks. and one thing i do and tell others is look at everything as if its a arrowhead until you prove its not by picking it up.

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    Finders keepers, right?