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    if you don't know where to start, ride your county and search out creeks that have hard clay bottoms and shallow water. once you locate a good looking creek or ditch the easy part is over, now you got to find out who owns the land and get permission to walk it, sometimes that can be the hardest part of the trip sometimes not. if you get lucky enough to find a ditch or creek and get permission then you got to get busy. if you get in the creek and see tiny flint flakes or pottery shards you know right off your in" rock country"if you get in the creek and don't see flint or pottery shards most of the time it's cause your not looking good enough. gravel bars are very good spots to look, potholes in the bottom are like little treasure chest but beware they can have razor blades, glass, rusty wire and such in them one thing i do before digging out these potholes is to trim my fingernails that way you don't get so much clay wedged in them. i once walked a small feeder ditch and found a few points next time i came back the beavers had damned it up, the ditch was next to a corn field and they had used the cornstalks to make the dam. they had water backed up so far it covered a gravel bar i wanted to look. only thing i could do was tear up the dam, while tearing it up i found a hand full of points. size of the creek or ditch don't matter in fact the smaller the ditch the less space the arrowheads have to hide. in my county there are so many ditches and creeks that produce artifacts and fossils but they get hunted hard, one big creek i look only has water a inch deep when not raining, but when it rains a lot its a ragging monster. it was a small swampy creek many years ago and was channeled out to shed off the flood waters and runs for many miles, the banks are close to 40 foot tall in places. it has gravel bars but it also has cracks that run every which way in the bottom some big some small just wide enough for a point to get wedged in and lay edge way up. the creek has a dark gray color and the fortpayne and hornstone flint is all but invisible you have to look for flaking just to find one made of it. i found a clovis point made from fortpayne that two guys hunting with me walked over, i even missed it on the first pass, the bad thing is it was laying in the wide open between my feet when i saw it Click image for larger version

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    here is another one that was playing hide and seek. showing this blade here to show some how they can blend in to their surroundings, notice i touched it ever so lightly. Click image for larger version

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      "Be The Creek" and see through The Eye's of it's runoff.
      some good tip's and advice but awesome in-situ!


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        Awesome thread!
        location:Central Ky