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    As I step out of the backwoods of east texas and trek thru a new world of internet collecting,my mind never cease's to be amazed.Ive been a gatherer for many years and realize im not one of the big boy's of collecting.Internet hunting has quickly risen as the rise of authenticators.Ebay truly opened a door as there are many rising auctions also..whoa!..what ever happened to good ole gathering in the field?..I shall trek on i guess and try to become one of them bigger guys.I wont ever give up gathering from great sites i know of,but what a world.......unh?  Buying?..the risk of buying is great but common sense mixed with a little knowledge of the rocks,possibly good hunting?...

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    I am with you on the internet junior. There is amazing stuff. I have attended a few auctions in NE Ohio where I am from and purchased 6 points for a grand total of 65.00 and though I hated spending the money the points were all great shape and authentic and when you dread spending the money the overview is how much walking and time would I have spent discovering 6 points in that great of shape. Points that were picked up prior to farm equipment are scarce.
      But boys no matter what you can afford there is nothing like the excitement of finding one! I am more emphatic about a half of a point that I have found than perfect pieces I have purchased. I hope someday to be one of the big boys as well and wish you well in your quest. I don't know if I'll make it but maybe my 18 year old son will continue on and become one.
       Keep looking and I will too, you just never know. Later, William


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      Very Cool..I am glad you understood what i speak..If ever down this way?..Holler man..i will take you on walkabout...Jon


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        There is NOTHING exactly like the thrill of the find, where you put the hours in, you use your intelligence and diligence to find something nice that hasn't been seen by man in thousands of years. Treasure hunters of all kinds go for that huge rush of adrenaline that comes from discovery.
        However....I have also experienced the thrill of discovery that comes from purchasing. Sometimes it is a local find of a friend, sometimes it is an artifact that was found 100 years ago the first time- but there is definitely a thrill and rush when you hold it that first time for examination. Buying also opens up the rest of the world to your collecting. Using intelligence and persistence, any collector can "find" treasures in the collections of others, on websites, and even on auction sites, that can make their collection of a larger scope and depth than can be made with only personal finds.
        In my book, the thrill of the hunt also includes hunting in other collections.


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          Very Cool Cliff..Its crazy The thrill of the hunt is cool as Ive found many nice artifacts...Recently though I snagged one off ebay sssshhh! dont tell no one,anyway it was early one saturday morning.I paid 35.00 for a super thin remarkable San Gabriel Knife with a Dwayne Rogers COA...Dont Rogers COA's cost bout that?..So crazy!..


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            There are deals to be had on eBay, occasionally.
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