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Superstitious Forum posting about "Conjuring Them up" used to help produce points and such

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  • Superstitious Forum posting about "Conjuring Them up" used to help produce points and such

    Last year and probably even the year before I would share my finds with you all and joke about the spirits appreciating multiple post's of my previous finds and as impossible as it sounds, it worked or seemed to at least. When I stopped The creek changed BAD and the field spots weren't showing much either. Well, a bit of headhunting blues bit me the last couple months and almost felt like i'd never find another decent artifact and that may be true but in the meantime might as well share some decent finds from last year from a couple different spot's and maybe let the post "set in" a while before I check back out there. This lighthearted humor did seem to surprise me, and when i took some knapping supplies to my hunting spot that really seemed to get the Spirit's releasing a few of Their relics. Maybe it's all false and just good coincidence but here goes, don't laugh. Letting the dang deer do their fawning for a while too.
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    Those are really nice Josh.


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      Those certainly are some nice finds.


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        That last one with the point facing upstream in your hand still wet from the stream is a great photo...
        The chase is better than the catch...
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          Josh it can't hurt. I used to just bang two rocks together. The points would crawl out of the ground and into my pocket. Deer also come and look to see what is happening. Banging rocks is almost as good as rattling antlers except it works for all deer not just the bucks. They are curious so they come in and look around.
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          • Ron Kelley
            Ron Kelley commented
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            You know why the animals are curious when you bang two rocks together?
            Because that's what Bigfoot does. ;-)

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          Josh just think if we went out.
          Look to the ground for it holds the past!


          • CoachG
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            Like on a date? Sorry I couldn't resist. I'm being a smart a. Nice finds Josh.