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  • Rechecking Areas

    I'm just curious if any of you guys go back over spots you have recently searched (footprints and all). I'm always wondering if I should.

    And if any of you do recheck spots, how often do you do it and how often do you find that you missed something?

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    YES!! Some of my best pieces were near footprints, some of my own footprints. This is is a footprint find nearly fully exposed. Some fields I walk back and forth down the rows and will go b ack and walk ninety degrees to to the rows and almost always see something I missed.


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      I don't field hunt anymore as all my old sites are no till or pasture now, but I would definitely do a rewalk. Rewalking at different angles is a also a great tip.


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        I would not work it to death by going day in and day out but walking at 90 degrees is a good idea. I have gone to fields and found foot prints. I would just walk opposite the foot prints in the same rows. if they walked north I would walk south. Slow my pace down too, Everybody would love to think their eye was the best eagle eye out there. No matter who it only takes a brief second to break your concentration. I walked with my Dad many a time and he had eagle eyes. One day he looked over his shoulder at me and stepped right over a spear. Another day his Brother in law did the same thing while looking at the fields edge my Uncle asks is there good fishing near here? He stepped right over an axe. Sunlight can change everything too. If someone walked in the evening then try the morning the sun is on a different angle and might show something that was in a shadow the evening before. To answer your question if it is a good field that produces well I would walk it twice. Or once even if some one else left foot prints.
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          yup! thats the beauty of hunting beaches, each new tide changes things around and turns all the gravel and exposes stuff, or even after a good rain its good to check erosion areas
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            I'll give it a shot and see what happens. Thanks for the replies as always!


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              I keep coming back to this thread. I can't quit thinking of all the points I have found rewalking spots. it has been good for me, Sandy spots after a windy day, dried ground shrinking back from a point. Shoot, if it's slow I rewalk. I got frames of points found from rewalks. Like hoss said you can't see everything