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need a GPS with Google Earth compatibility, Any recommendations???

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  • need a GPS with Google Earth compatibility, Any recommendations???

    Hello One & all,

    I am interested in purchasing a GPS that works well with Google Earth.

    here is my plan for the GPS I wish to buy :

    I want to way point mark all the Bedrock Mortars I find in the local hills and Mtns. I currently know the locations of 19 Bedrock mortars, but plan on doing as through a search of my local area so that i can find to all the Bedrock Mortars I can. I suspend I will find a hundred at least.
    I want to way point mark each one I come across and then download the information into my Google Earth account and mark each one on Google earth with a particular mark. I think it would be most interesting and will amaze most folks at how many of them are in our local Hills and Mtns.

    Any information regarding current GPS' available that would work for my purpose would be welcomed. The Google Earth site states that it currently works with Garmin and Megellan so i should wish to focus on those brands.
    I don't need a bunch of bells and whistles, just basic mapping, way point marking and ease of downloading the marked points into my Google Earth account.

    a final note :I don't own a Smartphone and have no desire to purchase one at this time, i am strictly after a GPS

    Any & all assistance is greatly welcomed...

    DEAN ~~~~~
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    No, sorry. I have GPS in my vehicle and she is as dumb as a turnip.
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    • Ron Kelley
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      Hey Deb, I have a smart phone and it's dumber than a box of rocks too.

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    I will ask a friend who owns a store that sells them for his recommendations.
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      Dean, that is a tough one. With the smart phones it's all there so I'm guessing the use of GPS devices has probably dropped way down. Hopefully Bruce's friend can help you out. It would be cool to way point the location of that many mortars.
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        Dean this is the recommendation I got from my friend.
        "My recommendation would be a Garman Montana 650 T. That includes US topographical maps and a built in camera which will Geo tag spots as well"
        It is a little pricey but it will definitely do what you want and then some.

        Take it hiking. Take it hunting. Take it on the water. Montana 650t features a bold 4 in. color touchscreen dual orientation display and TOPO U.S. 100K maps.
        In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?


        • Flyjunkie
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          Thank You Bruce.. will look into it. I am grateful for the extra effort to help me in my quest.

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        Thanks for all the input Everyone. I got to talking with Garmin directly, told them what I desired to do (well i merely said I wished to mark certain locations, not exactly what those locations are ) . I told them what features i wanted and what I did not want. they came back with recommending their eTrex 10. I've read up on the eTrex 10 and it seems the best for my needs. While it doesn't directly download into Google Earth (according to the Garmin people, none of their GPS' do that) They told me it was simple enough to transfer the waypoints to the BaseCamp program then export them to Google Earth.
        So i have ordered the eTex 10 and should have it next week...

        Thanks again for the input and responses.. This will be fun mapping the local Bedrock Mortars.

        DEAN ~~~~
        \"..Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride..\" ~~ Hunter S. Thompson