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Sandy creek walks HELP

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  • Sandy creek walks HELP

    Ok, we just bought some acres in S Georgia
    and it has springs and these beautiful creeks .
    pretty big but very sandy . Yes I have snake boots now lol . But my question is all the Utube
    vidieos I watch are in pebble creeks . Or sand bars with rock bars. Does anyone ever find anything
    in sandy creeks and what do I look for .
    How do I start just walk or dig holes and sift .
    I really want this to happen

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    Please don't take this or anything I say as me being a smart **s, although in real life I am.
    rocks don't float, so remember that first. They will be at the lowest point in your creek. Bedrock or an impenetrable clay barrier will stop them from sinking. Rocks also tend to congregate, meaning where you find one, you will likely find others.
    That may help, or it may make you want to shoot me. 😕
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      If you can't see rocks in the creek, the rocks may be buried to deep in the sand to get to them. In my creek there was some areas we fished in and the water was 2 to 3 feet deep and the beavers digging in the banks have filled those holes with sand covering anything that was there.
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        I would not dig up the sandy bottom. You will alter the ecological balance that supports numerous species.
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        • sailorjoe
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          Hi Havenhunter. I don't think anyone was advising to mine the stream bottom like what happens when one uses a gold dredge. As a former fishery biologist with experience in the streams of Alaska, Alabama and Tennessee I just could not pass up commenting on your statement. Putting a few mall holes in a sandy bottom stream bank will no more alter the ecological balance of the stream than digging some post holes in the ground will alter the balance of a natural woodland or prairie. So you disturb or kill a few insects or worms. On a larger scale, it is not like going down the creek with a gold dredge. And on a much larger scale: Really disturbing ecological balance is like converting of millions and millions of acres of woodland and prairie habitat to corn, cotton, wheat, soybean, sugarcane, and rice fields.

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        HavenHunter is right, I didn't think about disturbing some ecosystem. If you want to know if rocks are there or what depth you might find them, a sounding rod might help, and wouldn't disturb anything.
        Wandering wherever I can, mostly in Eastern Arkansas, always looking down.


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          Ok got it , actually I am very eco friendly . Jethro you are not offending me at all . It's like gold sinks it's at the bottom . There is a river up the road that
          is just solid pebbles/ rocks . My husband pulled over toooo yeah and there was a nutting stone so I
          may go back there . I watched the Ditchwalker on
          utube he is pretty cool and found some in a sandy
          creek . Jethro like you said they were just sitting
          there . So I'll have to wait till another monster rain
          comes . I find all mine in a old camp .
          This new place we bought we were walking in the pines and found a palm sized really worked rock so I know they are there .
          Thanks guys , every experience is knowledge for me .
          Tam .


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            Sailor Joe good point . You know I have gold pans
            I may sit there and sift a little . The sand sparkles but the gold would sink . I can't wait to get back this fall . I will let you know how that goes .
            Georgia was the hot spot before calif for gold right in my area.
            That would be sweet .