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How to hunt for points in West Texas

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  • How to hunt for points in West Texas

    I am moving to Andrews, TX, about 30 mins from New Mexico and I don't know how to hunt for points in the desert of W Texas.

    Where do I go? Any public land out there?

    Can someone help?

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    I can't help you much other than public land is off limits by law. Do some research on your area, do some google maps and look around and find out who owns the potential good spots and introduce yourself. Good luck.
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      Adam - Pay attention to what Greg has told you about Public Lands. You can wind up in jail and fined hunting on Public Land. Check out your immediate area - introduce yourself to your neighbors and inquire about searching their land, if it's farmland or something similar. You need to get to know your neighbors anyway so this is a good start. Then, like Greg says, google maps in your local area and find spots that have potential for hunting - check with the local county courthouse (online) and see who owns the land. Always, always, get permission before proceeding to hunt on private property. Check out farm land that is planted yearly and hunt just after they break ground and disk it down for planting. Maybe even walk the plowed field but that's kinda tough on the ankles. Also check out creek beds especially where there are sandbars and gravel bars at the bends in the creeks and rivers. Wash outs on the sides of hills is also a good area to hunt. These are just some pointers but you'll get the idea. Even level ground at the base of hills is good. Get out there and get to hunting. Let's see what you find.
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        Do not go on any private ranch lands without permission from the owners. Especially ranches that guide or sell leases to deer hunters. They take trespassing extremely seriously. Years ago while deer hunting on a ranch in central TX we heard stories about the "reception" that the ranch hands gave to trespassers.


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          Greg, what do you mean public lands are off limits? For artifact hunting? So if I went fishing at a public lake, I couldn't walk around looking while fishing? Clambellies, what happened to the trespassers? I dont plan on it, in fact, I found a couple places that I want to ask the local sheriff about the ownership of. I heard of artifacts being pulled from Whalen and Shafter lakes, so I wanna check them out, but since they're private,


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            Typically if the land is state or federally owned it is against the law to pick up and keep artifacts found. I can't speak for Texas and her public lands though, that is something you may want to make sure of.
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              Thanks Greg! I will look into it!