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Another Arrowhead Vacation (SC Natives, Please)

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  • Another Arrowhead Vacation (SC Natives, Please)

    ...At least I'd like it to be, but does anybody know of any good spots to look for arrowheads around Myrtle Beach, SC? I've been jonesing for some more good spots up here in western PA, and now some family to include the Ma, brother, sis and all want to hit the beach. I may go, but I'd like to engage in my hobby, and find flint. I'll be minutes away from "Broadway at the Beach"and the Boardwalk... like I said, interested in the country and plowed fields, though. Any way of getting any of you out there to go 'head huntin' with me?? June 9th - 15th? Would be very interested i seeing what that region yields, will travel a distance if I could get permission in some good grounds!

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      Good luck
      South Dakota


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        The barrier islands of SC were often used by the People for base camps. My favorite is Edisto, altho most of my stuff from there shell tools, not projectile points (but that maybe because not looking for points!). If you gonna hunt areas with beaches, pull up info here and other sites to know what to look for in shells. They my favorite artifacts!!
        Digging in GA, ‘bout a mile from the Savannah River


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          Its an old topic CC I doubt he will see your advice.

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          Yeah, saw that lil’ later, felt too dumb to takedown, Hoss!