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Rural NE Illinois digging help and suggestions

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  • Rural NE Illinois digging help and suggestions

    I live in NE Illinois in a somewhat rural area and have a few questions as for digging for artifacts. A few days ago a friend and I were searching a local creek for points at a section that deposits stones and is intersected by a stream that goes through 2 corn fields. The first photo represents my area with the red line being the creek and the blue being the small stream. We ended up finding one arrowhead before having to leave after about 30 minutes because the mosquitoes were quite bad. This particular creek is a few hundred years old at least with it being a dividing line for Indian territory in 1818. The second photo is of my property with the black squiggles being the area I'm considering digging. This area is out of the flood plain of the creek and has remained un-farmed and untouched since the 1860s. I'll definitely be sifting again at the creek but I am very interested in digging. Does the place look to be worth even starting? Any suggestions on where/how to begin?