I have a question if you asked on other sites what did they tell you?

#1 If I have a disc up field that I have permission to hunt and it has just rained a bunch, do I need to walk it immediately or can I wait for the ground to dry out? As soon as possible I walked in the rain. I like looking when it is overcast wet flint pops better on the ground. Easier to see it.

#2 I also can hunt a property that is next to a wooded property with a small burial mound. How close would a burial mound be to a village/site that I would find artifacts?
I would not hunt there period. How do you know it is a burial mound?

#3 Are villages/sites typically more likely to be on a certain side of a river/Creek? Like North, South, East or West of the water Sites are far enough away from rivers and creek that flood will not bother them. They can be anyplace. Not just rivers and creeks , lakes swamps wet lands, they can be in your back yard even if there is just a season spring there.

#4 Can you find sites using Google Earth? Yes you can

#5 Who owns creeks/rivers? The state? Individuals?
Depends on the state you live in.