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Creek Hunting in Colorado?

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  • Creek Hunting in Colorado?

    Just wondering if anybody has done any successful creek hunting in Colorado? Creek hunting looks like fun but I never hear anybody talk about doing this in my state. If one was to creek hunt, what would you look for? Same things that you look for when surface hunting as far as where a possible camp may have been?

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    I am sure it just depends on the creek..... I've looked on Boulder Creek in and around Boulder.......and a bunch of creeks up in the mountains....with no luck but I'm not from there..... A few miles out, off the mtn range, on the S. Platt and all the feeder creeks out that way....YES
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      Let’s see a pic of the creek
      NW Georgia,


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        I don't have a picture of the creek at the moment but it is in a lower lying area of Colorado, not the plains at all. Was more curious than anything.

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      I have not much luck in creeks. or the rivers in the mountains. The only thing that I can think of is more of both spring runoff and flash flood potential. Now with that said the benches above creeks and rivers usually have camps. Springs seem to be preferable. And as Tom has said the platte river both north and south have produced many artifacts. I have heard of people finding an occasional artifact in a creek.You might have luck on the arkansas river but I would expect out on the plains.
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        I know of a person who has great luck along the Arkansas River somewhere...perhaps in the Pueblo area. He hangs out with the homeless people there and has found many artifacts. I guess Pueblo is more of a Plains type area.I was thinking more of creeks than rivers, but I suppose artifacts can be anywhere really.


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          If you want to hunt drainages in Colorado your best bet is getting out on Colorado’s eastern Plains where the bison herds were.


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            That makes sense, thanks!