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  • Ideas on where to hunt

    I was looking at Jane MO on little sugar creek and dry creek beds in Bella vista. I saw one guy near the CVS in BV Wed looking in a gravel bed in the creek. Thanks for any advice.

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    Locations can be endless. Try google earth, plat maps or if your county or counties uses them, online plats in google earth format that shows who owns the properties for some ideas for locations. Local libraries, and museums can be good sources too as well as early plat maps.
    Also spend some time going through this section of the forum that you posted this in, Artifact Hunting Tips and Advice, some great info here.
    Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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      The best advice I ever got was research where ancient waterways were. If Little Sugar Creek has been running for thousands of years, ask permission from farmers who till or plow fields on the high ground above the creek. That is normally where they camped and lived. Think it would be the same in your area, I am in NE Ohio. But waterways were their transportation and livelihood, not only for living but hunting, preparing food, etc. etc. Another sound practice is take up a conversation with some of the elderly folks in your area, let them know you are interested in hunting artifacts, you would be surprised how much good direction you can get from Elders of a community. Never steered me wrong from the time I was a pup of 7 years old until now and I am 52. Pretty soon I will BE the elderly dude they talk to, wow!! Time flies!! Hope that helps you a bit. Greg is also correct, Libraries and research are always good guides as well. _ Good Luck, Bill


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        I have several creek beds in several areas. I know I can miss a lot.


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          Harold Stump was one of the old time hunters in my little town I grew up in. He had a massive collection and his favorite saying was "For everyone you pick up you walked over 15." he was speaking of artifacts, arrowheads of course. I have hunted an area where I have laid out a 10 foot square Ed and walked it to and fro from every angle and found 2-1/2" points with my boot print on them that I had walked over in that little of an area, so you know how easy it is walking a 3 acre field! You will see more as you keep at it, remember, you know that they are there, you have to think they are. Believe it or not that helps as well, hope some of that Babel helped, Lol_Bill