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Possible New Dig Site in Central Texas

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  • Possible New Dig Site in Central Texas

    I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but I am wondering if there are any "dyed in the wool" hand diggers that would be interested
    in getting down in the dirt ?? I am close to possibly opening up a field dig near Kerrville TX..
    For now- all inquires can email me at for more details..

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    There will be a lot of people interested . I’ve never been on a dig, other than with Dr. Brown with proper grids. I know there are a lot of dig sites in Tx, most would be considered mining artifacts..Everything from backhoes to front end loaders, to motorized shakers..
    Lubbock County Tx


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      I''ve never been to a pay-dig but I'm geeking to do it. Long drive but been thinking about it for years, nice trip.
      Professor Shellman
      Tampa Bay


      • Lindenmeier-Man
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        They find the heck out of points Tom.. The only thing that baffles me is very few bird points, hardly any scrapers...Maybe the littles get through the screen and they toss the other artifacts ?

      • Bone2stone
        Bone2stone commented
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        There are scrapers found and retained, most see them as oh well, another tool and it goes into what not bucket.
        Bird points on the other hand, not all habitats were inhabited at that particular time period. We do not miss them just not as many places to find them.