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  • Permission to hunt?

    So I've pinpointed a new location that I want to get to by mapping so I took my girls with me to check it out on Wednesday. We were greeted by a gate across the little road with a "road closed" sign, airing on the side of caution I thought I should research a little more to find a better way to the river and fields rather than just jumping the gate and tromping through someone's field so I researched and found who the landowners are.

    The first property at the gate is listed as an LLC so I'm assuming that he may well be the landowner that just rents out the field for farming (may be wrong though) and probably a little harder to reach. The other owns property on the far side of the LLC but is listed as an individual and I have her name and address. If I get her permission she may well have easement rights or something that would also allow me access to the first property.

    So the question is Who and How should I approach first?

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    I have some knowledge around easemants, at least here in montana.. every state is probably different. I would talk to the llc first. Even if she has an easement across the land it would only apply to her or her family, she cant give you permission to cross it. (at least Montana).
    Judith Basin, Montana


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      Is the property being leased for farmland? You can get permission from the property owner and it trumps all others but if it’s farming land for crops I always tell the owner to ask the farmers if it’s okay by them if I look. But in the same breath tell the owner if they don’t want me on it I won’t go. I figure it’s their paycheck and I don’t want to intrude if they don’t want me to. Owner always likes that and if nothing else they let me walk after the harvest
      NW Georgia,