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  • Curious about site locations...

    I may ramble a bit, but why is one hill-near-water loaded with debitage and another hill-near-water devoid of it?
    When looking at a fresh cutover, I try to imagine it as old growth hardwoods. Considering easy access to water. The paper company doesn't generally alter the terrain any and most two-tracks are along ridges and tops that may have been established ages ago. I'm inclined to believe that a certain degree of "flatness" may make one site preferable to another. And I can say that I've noticed a bit of proclivity t'wards saddles. There's 2 places I've found within .5 mile of each other along the same creek where they seem to have settled into a saddle in a coupla of instances. But not much more to just plain ol hilltops. The debitage loaded place in the main cutover I've been finding in is in a saddle, tho'. Looks to have been an established knapping area, but well picked over before I found it.
    Down in the river bottom a slight knoll may be the campsite of choice (bugless winter, mebbe?) But can't say as I really know where the water ran 1000's of years ago. I can't find much rhyme-nor-reason to it.
    It's just a bit confusing and I wondered if someone may be able to shed a lil light on their choices of campsites. I made a couple of labeled pics to see if that may help demonstrate what I'm asking about. But realize they may be next to useless without an overhead layout for reference. The pics are of the fresh cutover I'm currently exploring. LOTS of white quartz on the main ridge.
    Thanks for any help. d:^)
    Position is downhill on the last knoll before the big creek. To the right is a sharp drop-off to the creek. Looks very similar to Town Creek Indian Mound location. No debitage. This pic is a little left of the previous. Same group of trees. Same position.
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    You did a lot to illustrate the situation. I use to do the same thing! On one side of a dirt road there was camp, the other side not. The only advice I can give you is to not let it get to you. I know it does not make sense. It is what it is... To keep pondering will not help you... I’m sorry to say I was confounded for many years about just your type of terrain situation.
    The only other advice I have is to keep stomping on the hot areas....JJ


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      Thanks for responding, JJ.
      No worries. It isn't really "bothering" me. Just curious about such things. If I had to guess at one time there may have been some small thing that made one site a better choice over the others in the area. Proper foliage, lack of large rocks on the ground, yadda, yadda. I have noticed they tend to avoid the areas where the slate and silt rock are present in abundance. As well as anywhere the white quartz is on the surface.
      And hey, I's be a-stompin still! Hehehe. Stompin an-a-flippin"! d;^)
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        It does make you wonder and makes it hard to guess the odds of something being where you think. Soil conditions as well as what the sites flora conditions were like, type of trees, trees, no trees, grasses, edible plants. Sites with the tiniest of creeks, others right on the edge of the river or lake and others as far as a quarter mile from water. I have one 68 acre site where you are more likely to find point types from different time periods in different areas. Another site where the bulk of the waste flakes, chunks and cores are found on the south facing edge of a sandy knoll that runs north to south. I think the old ladies there said , I'm not stepping on this stuff everytime I come out of the wigwam, go over there and make your points!
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          It seems pretty random and JJ is right. Best ya can do is keep truckin an lookin. I think they sought high ground to get outta the damp air and bugs of the lowland. But that was prolly much less of a concern in winter. There's sites right in the crook of the Pee Dee and a large feeder creek as well as yer .25 mile away sites that are just as busy. Only difference being that the .25 mile away site has a seasonal spring fed creek running along it.

          ..I've got another new cutover that's a coupla thousand yards up in the hills from the Little River to the North of the property with no local small creeks. Finds are very sporadic up there. Mostly hunt loss I think and not much in the way of large areas of flakes.

          ..And yeah, I can hear Momma gettin on the men-folk for makin a big sharp mess near the hut for the kids to play in and get cut. Seems somebody told me a while back that the women did most of the knapping. Not sure about that. I know mine stays outta the reloading room. d;^)
          Lexington to the Sortof Southernmost Uwharries of NC. Jake..


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            Could of been back when they were camping there all kinds of reasons like the bare hill might of been to overgrown with thorns or even snakes. Without knowing what it looked like back then it would be just a guess. The property I’m on right now has always produced all types of artifacts from all age groups but less than a mile away in another creek absolutely nothing. Why they liked one spot better than another I couldn’t tell you but both creeks here are loaded with natural flint and both empties into the river. But both creek properties are a little different the one with artifacts has more hills the other has hills but not as many. Interesting question


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              I try to imagine what the sites may have looked like. Dunno if a "view" was desirable, but convenience def seems to be a strong deciding factor. Or just that the sites that were convenient were most used so there would naturally be more available to find.
              Imagining the area in old growth hardwoods instead of the "quick grow" paper company pines seems it was prolly a beautiful area with nice, commanding views of the surrounding flat lands. Especially in the fall/winter when the leaves were off.
              They just reworked and drug the roads in the new cutover near the big creek. Just waitin on a good rain'r'two ta get things uncovered. d:^)
              Lexington to the Sortof Southernmost Uwharries of NC. Jake..