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Places to go Arrowhead and other artifact hunting in Western NY

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  • Places to go Arrowhead and other artifact hunting in Western NY

    Hi! I just joined the forum a few moments ago, so if I should have posted this somewhere else please let me know

    I've been interested in artifact hunting since I was young, but have had no idea where to start.
    I'm currently located in Western NY which, I believe, used to be inhabited by the Erie and Seneca tribes, so that would be where I'd look for arrowheads and other artifacts.

    Does anyone have knowledge of parks or public lands in Western NY where I could go arrowhead hunting?
    And what other artifacts could I possibly happen upon aside from arrowheads? I have contacts who can help me to identify anything I might find, but I just don't know where to look and what to look for aside from arrowheads.


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    I am sorry to break the news to you but State parks and Public Lands are off limits to artifact hunting. At one time it was Ok but historic preservation laws passed in the last four decades have changed all that. Seek out a land owner who plows and plants his land in the spring time and ask if you can walk his /her fields after it is plowed up and after spring rain has washed the fields. Or you can try creek walking on private property. Good luck
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      Hoss, during short membership, musta seen your seek-out-landowner advisory passage dozens of times, and its strong imagery always takes me back to my grandpa’s little farm. Can see, feel, smell the air and the earth right “after plowed up and after spring rain has washed” it. C’mon, let’s “go sit out on the sleeping porch,” and rock in the rockers!

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      I would go in a minute

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    I want your puppy... Good luck and welcome !


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      Scoharie Creek.
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