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    Where are the best locations to search for arrowheads? Northwest Ohio.
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    Hi Troy It is doubtful anyone will give a location for you but there are many pointers in the forum about who to ask locally and how to find good spots. Many of the locations are kept secret among a few friends. My family collected because my Dad showed us and some of my cousins the ropes. A few of the places are well known as they are along well traveled roadways. But others are secrets that family will take with us to the grave. Farm fields were there is water near by. is a good place to start. Ask permission don't just walk in. Ask first. I used to drive around in the winter after the leaves had fallen when I lived in CT. You would be surprised at how many farm fields are back behind tree lines.
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      Spend some time in this section of the forum. A lot of good information and insight as to finding artifacts. Northwest Ohio is a great area to search.
      Click on the link below
      Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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        Good luck.
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          Countless super artifacts have been found in Ohio ... Work on it, find where the farmers gather and just ask... And then, good luck funting !
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            Troy, the places are mostly the same from state to state.....Like Hoss said - water, good hunting. Ohio is loaded.
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              I grew up hunting in Northeast Indiana, so probably pretty similar terrain. As most have said, the combination of Permission, Water and plowed fields are the way to go.

              From my point of view: Farms or housing developments where they are moving dirt were great. Conditions changed after each rain, so you could hunt them whenever conditions were right and access was allowed.

              Another thing to check on is reservoir access. We used to hunt reservoirs when the water was down, the shore line often provided some decent erosion, and less frequently hunted sites normally covered by water would be exposed (some were buried in silt some years, some were washed clean down to clay.) That is a huge no-no in some areas.
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