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  • Need some help

    Hey guys need some guidance I know probably we’re it is at they want be any artifacts.But takeing a family trip to destin beach in Florida we love to hunt for shark teeth and shells but would love to find some Indian artifacts while we’re there can anyone give me any information wouldn’t care one day if I have to drive hour or so away from the beach. Going to do some more research to thanks guys.

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    I've never found them on a beach but some have. I always look for sharks teeth and points at the same time. Teeth I find points none. Good luck
    NW Georgia,


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      ..12 thousand yrs ago fl.west coast was farther out than now....we have offshore sites around underwater springs 12 feet given that plus hurricanes and the way the sand moves things add it up ......if you don’t have your eyes to the ground yo won’t find anything......I have found points in beach boy.