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Creek hunting... surface or digging?

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    Originally posted by brianpatrick View Post
    I have spent most of my time hunting creeks . Have not sifted as much as I probably should ? l have had lots of interesting finds at the base of root systems near creeks . Seems to me like it’s more than pieces getting caught up in roots . Not sure if it would be considered a cache .? But I think they sometimes staged things in the roots knowing that would’ve secured somehow ? I find variety of artifacts . All purpose tools . Effigy pieces etc. some points . But not smokers or great arrowheads . I feel like I am on the campsite for sure . But have started to think that maybe the better arrowheads are on higher grounds close to the creeks but on the ridges nearest tree lines overhangs of course if there or any type of hillsides . They could also make wigwams for shelter . However I am very new at it . I have not dug under rock areas yet . Have some spots near my creeks that I will try soon . Just tough when u don’t know where to start . I know that sometimes sometimes rock piles can be deceiving & I have noticed them in areas that I hunt . Making sure to never disturb things that you shouldn’t . I have seen things in the woods that appear that they could be spiritual in nature . I absolutely love this stuff . I do look forward to the digging process around , below or above the overhangs . I also want to make sure that I take the equal to replace & or give something back !!! Not sure if maybe dropping some plant or flower seeds for the animals is something appropriate ? Seems to me that they left a lot of great things , gifts behind for us to find . Seems to me they paid a lot of tribute to nature around them . Think it’s important to give back something. Think that’s how they did it . This is my first comment . Thanks Brian .
    I take Tobacco along on my hunts. Yah some of you will scoff at it. To the Native People it was all about giving gifts. So in return for the Artifacts I am allowed to find I give tobacco! It is a kind of ritual for me. I toss a pinch of it in the air to the four corners of the earth. I am serious!I like that you want to give back, that's a spiritual gift Brian. Kim
    Snyder County Pennsylvania


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      I use tobacco also at the start of all my hunts I screen and surface hunt never found a point in a creek or river do to massive gold mining .


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        Well we hunters many and varied traditions when we hunt I know a lot of hunters that offer Tobacco I have used sage the man that taught me offered water others consider cleaning up trash and leaving only foot prints their offerings it varies from hunter to hunter some are more spiritual others more science all that matters is that you enjoy this hobby,addiction,obsession