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Looking for a surface hunt or pay dig within 15 hours from Colorado

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  • Looking for a surface hunt or pay dig within 15 hours from Colorado

    I finished a painting Job was on, I’ve lined up my workers on their next job, my wife and kids will b in FL for another week, and it’s my birthday in a few days...

    So perfect storm for a arrowheading trip.

    ive looked into pay digs that I’ve known of for the past few years and I’ve only find one in Elgin, TX that’s open now.

    I’ve never hunted Missouri but I’d love to if there is anyone out there to lead me to a stream. You’d have a great hunting partner or I’d even throw some money your way.

    Or if anyone has any ideas throw them my way.
    I’d love to be hunting by Friday ( feb 12th) or the weekend.

    Any ideas ? Or send me a PM with some info or your number.

    I know it’s short notice but it’s the situation I’m in. Thanks

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    Man hope you find something closer than 15 hrs away .


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      Missouri will be frozen this weekend...not sure how far Uvalde is from you....west of San Antone...there’s one there I think. Would likely be warmer...
      Wandering wherever I can, mostly in Eastern Arkansas, always looking down.


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        Yeah try camp live oak . Butch is a nice guy I dug there for 2 hrs and got on a decent spot . All hand digging. They even have cabins to rent and he might give you a great rate since off season. He treats diggers good . If you go I’ll put you on a good spot message me .