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    Originally posted by SurfaceHunter View Post
    There isn't big cobble pieces maybe they were brought in im thinking that spot might be the campsite but until it dries out I can't get back to find out. Just as soon as I can get a day like today off from work I'm going to find out. Thanks for all of the suggestions
    The one quarry I continue to hunt has cobbles. Fist size or a little bigger. Most are cracked. Not really any edge ware, used until they broke, then tossed down the hill. Mostly river cobbles from about 3/4 mile away. If you want I will post them for you tomorrow for comparison if you find any. If there is a quarry there has to be hammers.
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      No its okay i know what they look like i was just trying to figure out where the camp might of been. Which is probably close to that spot. I've hunted the field across the street and found one knife only there. They haven't turned that field for 3 years now. I have permission to all of the fields on that stretch. Further down the road on the other side of the big creek is really good. Just not turned yet. Maybe this year
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        I will show the find from that field I might have to look at it again looks like a broken triangle missing the tip. Click image for larger version

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          Old timer that got me started always stayed in the lower areas, for camps. His reasoning was "would you wanna pack your water up that hill every day?"

          I cant say there's any science behind that, but made sense to a simple mind like mine.

          On the flip side, I wouldn't wanna sleep in the mud either, lol.

          Good luck. Keep us posted
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            With all the rain I never made it back maybe after harvest this year
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              I always think things heat up when you start finding concentrations of little resharpening flakes smaller than a pinky nail. Fields are my least experience hunting though.
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